where can i buy that apron


where can i buy that apron

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Trance Party 4

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the alliance producer army (prod. by profit beatz) chozen

araabmuzik’s electronic dream landed in mid-2011, drove a few purist rap dudes and resident advisor commenters crazy, excited two music critics and a few actually decent people, and then completely disappeared as araab counted his money and went into the lucrative Festival Trap Banger business like it never even happened.

alas, Electronic Dream was only a small snippet of something a few soundclouds’ worth of dipset affiliates have been doing for eons under the Trance Party banner. this is the air-raid MPC boom-bap formula tuned to a science. trance tracks of dodgy quality pummeled into oblivion with super-compressed percussion, glass and metal in every directionas you both (1. have your hands in the air (2. let serrated bass and treble pressure make you move/cower autonomically. anxious emotion dripping in 45 to 150 second bursts.

this stuff is kind of like junk food, albeit junk with an uncanny sense of scene-setting, tension and release. this particular tune is probably my favorite of all six tapes (the first three seem directly affiliated with dipset, whilst the last three are connected to a group called The Alliance - Producer Army), the logical conclusion of the terror-trance formula with the biggest drop in recorded music history. however, the sound can be tweaked in every possible direction, especially in the case of the fourth installment, which goes on for a mind-bending 100 tracks and 3-and-a-half hours. montana musiq’s “roses” is gurgling toytown trancefeminine choppery (seeing cam’ron decked up in the pink fur), while “black 2” is on a staccato gunshot groove and “box full of clips” scares the living daylights out of you. araab himself has a few tunes on this tape, but they pale in comparison with dipset’s underdog producers, the ones you never hear about. top it off with a cover from hi-def net art favorite and fellow trance specialist tabor robak and the package is perfect.

mind you, i’ve only mentioned a few songs on the fourth tape. the fifth and the sixthare just as destructive. killa caaaaaaam.

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Music Challenge!!!!!

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You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your ipod/iphone/itunes media player and write down the first 10 songs. Then pass this on to 10 people

1. Autechre - Maphive 6.1

2. Games - Strawberry Skies

3. Fat Jon - Losing You

4. 坂本龍一 (Ryuichi Sakamoto) - A Tribute to N.J.P.

5. King Louie - Po’ Up

6. Ricardo Villalobos - What You Say Is More Than I Can Say (Edit)

7. Beat Happening - Crashing Through

8. Pet Shop Boys - Later Tonight

9. HAIM - Let Me Go

10. ventla - smuggled 012

hmmmmm…. this says a lot about how i don’t actively listen to A Ton Of Stuff In My Pointlessly Huge iTunes Library. i’ve only listened to like, the ventla, king louie, and PSB tracks within the last year. the rest is stuff i still haven’t listened to (that sakamoto piece, that one haim song) or stuff i jammed a loooooot in 8th+9th+10th grades (that one games song* / fat jon / autechre / villalobos / beat happening)

*despite having Laurel Halo in it, I don’t like Strawberry Skies that much compared to the rest of the That We Can Play EP which GOES IN HAM AF

i ain’t gonna tag anyone tbh

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DJ Cammy Endless Summer

Mid-00s British kids swapping proto-nightcore ballads and last night’s jerry-rigged chipmunk bouncy techno edits via Bluetooth—bedroom hardcore, or school bus donk, constructed in small bedrooms in small flats, meant to be blasted on small PC speakers or cellphones, accompanied, maybe, by a small country’s worth of devotional MySpace and Bebo gif slideshows and a decade’s worth of compression. Heart to heart, dedication, devastation.

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Hands Up Ravers

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Raver’s Nature ‎Hands Up Ravers

boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh boosh put your hands in the air

Ethereal document from a time when European rave was going off in every direction imaginable after everyone but the British got tired of breakbeats and everyone, even the Belgians, got tired of well, Rave. Hardcore, gabber, funcore, happy hardcore, makina, hard trance, dream trance and bouncy techno all existed and didn’t at the same time, sounds going everywhere and BPMs all over the place, the prices of computers and sound modules and synthesizers dropping by the day. The scenes and sounds were both cliquish as hell and weirdly freeform and malleable.

Enter Raver’s Nature—three German dudes who cut out the breakbeats and pianos of early happy hardcore and went straight for digital delirium, pumping out (actually quite popular!) singles out that went up to 200 BPM, used enough reverb to put every 2009-era indie band to shame, and cranked up the high frequencies like a sugar rush in an airplane hangar (combine this with knowing that these tracks would also be played in abandoned hangars and massive fields). Hands Up Ravers is their best moment, all these elements at their zenith to produce a searing, intense, clusterfuck with racing, weaving melodies that manage to envelope you like the best dream(y) trance (overclocked to the nth degree). This is what hardcore should’ve been, what happy hardcore refuses to be, what J-core and makina are attempting to do, and what will probably never be surpassed.

Also worth noting this tune spends just as much time without the kick drum as it does with. Sailing on synths without the kick, the momentum and atmosphere only increases, and god knows this song would be just as amazing if it had no kick at all.

At the time there was still wiggle room, and enough kids who haven’t burned out on E yet, for happier producers to get away with making tracks that sounded like they were played at 45 RPM—it’s seriously been upwards of two decades since the last time a happy track north of 180 BPM entered the mass rave consciousness outside of Japan. Be real, 170 is as boring as 128.

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For anyone who doesn’t know who Michael Brown is or what’s been going on in Ferguson

If there’s anything I missed or anything that is incorrect please let me know and I’ll change it or add it

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still tryna refollow as many of the cool ppl i used to on my old account, bear wit me

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Un soplo en el corazón

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Family Como un aviador

Un soplo en el corazón is a good 14 tracks of blankie bedroom supermoon music—all about those cheap synths, twee-but-not-too-much-so strumming, and Javier Aramburu’s hushed vocals like you’re being told a secret you don’t understand but still know the importance of. Bedroom synthpop has been exploding recently, but Family hit the mark a good two decades ago with an album that actually sounds roomy—bookshelf, bed, blankets, pillows, windows, television, little synths and drum machines in that back corner of the room, eeking out bubbling melodic lullabies. All heart. It’s a given to anyone well-versed in Spanish pop (example: not me) that this record’s a classic, but outside of that, this has been slept on terribly. Easily one of the best indie pop albums. (Indeed, I couldn’t easily choose which song I wanted to put on here since they’re all Literally Perfect. My other favorites would be La noche inventada, El bello verano, Portugal, and El buen vigía.) Snuggle up to 11.

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Super Eurobeat Vol. 224

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Bliss Higher Higher More And More

This song is the living embodiment of the diamond emoji.

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DJ SHARPNEL Exciting Hyper Highspeed Star

Sharpnel saw the future in 1999, and it was this: Weaponized para-para meets coke-addled electroclash—a late 90s VHS mecha fansub 2-minute 180 BPM pop diamond. Super Eurobeat has nothing on this.

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