Asian Funkot Infect Vol.2

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shisotex 1120 2010 [2013 RE:]

if you’ve followed me on twitter for even the slightest amount of time you probably know how obsessed i am with funkot (neé funky kota)—180-minimum BPM (usually faster) funky-breakbeat-trance-house with fifty thousand things happening at once, first from Indonesia and then exported to Japan and soon to take over the world. it’s hopelessly intense, super-melodic, beautiful and fun as hell.

this track from j-kota god shisotex takes the fun quotient up exponentially. there’s no drama here, just pure joy and absolute weirdness—odd pitch-bent synth melodies, pianos, samples of DMX telling you to get it on the fucking floor, garage-house-esque choruses exposing the gospel of the funky beat, all propelled at three beats per second. an absolute blast, straight to the jugular.


(the best funkot drop, ever.)

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in which narasaki from COTD does a ton of helium and joins a rabbit junk/macdonald duck eclair cover band. cheap metallic digital breakbeat pop cataclysms. they hit all those wonderful aughties myspace middle school digital hardcore buttons i loved when i was 11, minus the t(w)eenage white boy entitlement and with more melodies.

i think these guys were active around 2004-2010? came across them totally randomly in a five-year-old tokyo damage report live post that was more about their….interesting stage presence than anything. i had to rip this from myspace, turn up. bad moon rising and plastic sky are also super good, but i can’t track down any other songs besides those on said myspace page.

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decided to compromise w/r/t using tumblr by not having A Everything Blog and instead having a tumbl with a Purpose (kind of) so i’m turning this into a dump site for a lot of music i fucks with. a lot of the problem is a good amount of shit i’m into nobody’s uploaded to youtube so it’s hard to spread the love so as such i’ll put stuff on here to Makes It Easier. you should still hit me up on that twitta tho cause that’s where i chill etc. it’s weird having a Blog With A Purpose again. like, i haven’t since i was like fourteen…


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